About Me

I’m Louise, a mum of three with a thirst for travel. I would rather fill my children’s lives with memories and experiences than plastic around the house that I have to tidy. This is my space on the internet to record our travels and offer tips for days out in the UK and adventure beyond.

I have been blogging for over 4 years at my family and food blog A Strong Coffee. Big man is 8. He is all about the food. His best holiday memory is the chocolate fountain in Dubai complete with sugary sweets to dip in. Middle man is 6. Little man is 4. His favourite holiday destination is Lanzarote. Not because of the volacanic scenery, but because he enjoyed the splash pool at our hotel.

My husband can’t slow down and relax. He likes to see all a destination has to offer. Me? I just like to spend time making memories with the people I love. Whether it’s a caravan in Littlesea or an all inclusive in the sun. Life is short. So there is no better time to explore the world than now.  So join us on our travels, and I’ll take A Strong Coffee To Go.